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    Popcorn Machine

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    • Making popcorn has never been easier! Just add the kernels to the high-capacity heating chamber, push the one-touch start button, and you will have delicious, hot, and fresh popcorn in a matter of minutes!
    • The 5 Core popcorn maker uses hot air to pop popcorn without the need for added oils or preservatives, making it a much healthier option.
    • Say goodbye to half-cooked kernels! With a burst rate of 98%, this popcorn machine produces almost fully popped and fluffy popcorn.
    • The measuring cup that comes with the popcorn popper doubles as a butter melting tray, making it easy to add flavor to your popcorn.
    • When you are done with the popcorn maker, cleaning it is a breeze, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry. That's it!

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